Perks & Benefits

More Than A Paycheck

You can collect a paycheck anywhere. Join the team at Bard Optical and you’ll get more than a paycheck. The leadership team at Bard Optical is passionate about providing the best experience possible for employees. When you work at Bard Optical, you’re a purpose-driven individual and you want you come to work each and every day to help others. In return, Bard Optical wants to help you. Please explore our list of benefits and perks. While this list doesn’t cover everything you can expect (like paid vacation days and sick leave), it highlights some of the best parts of working for Bard Optical.

Casual Fridays at the Corporate Office

Every Friday, members of our corporate office can let loose and wear casual attire that shows off more personality.

Pot Luck Lunches

We bring the team together for pot luck lunches. Share food, make memories, and take a break from the work day.

Free Coffee

Need a pick-me-up? Bard Optical offices are well-stocked with the good stuff. Sip some caffeine and feel re-energized.


Compete with your co-workers in contests. Have the best Halloween costume? Bring it to work and show off your stuff.

Seasonal Cook-Offs

Get your grilling apron ready! Bard Optical hosts seasonal cook-offs for employees. Come ready to eat.


Bard Optical cares about your future. Save for retirement as part of our team.

Health Plans (Medical and Dental)

Bard Optical offers medical and dental plans to help keep its employees and their families happy and healthy.

Life Insurance (for Full-Time Employees)

Bard Optical offers life insurance policies for its full-time employees.

Discounts on Glasses

Full-time employees and their families enjoy a discount on our deep selection of glasses.